Orthopedic Surgeon with Fellowship Training in Hip & Knee

Dr. Rajeshwar Singh Sidhu is an Indian and Canadian Trained Orthopedic Surgeon who has completed university fellowships the field of Shoulder, Hip & Knee Surgeries in Canada. 

The Direct Anterior minimally invasive approach to total hip replacement surgery, which results in less scarring, quicker rehabilitation and recovery, less post-operative pain, and no functional limitations, is currently being practiced by only a small number of surgeons in India.

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>> Advanced surgical fellowships & MSc Surgery course

at Universities of Alberta, Calgary, Western Ontario at Canada in Shoulder arthroscopy, hip and knee replacement surgeries

>> Podium presented at Las Vegas, USA,

a clinical paper in the prestigious AAOS conference

>> Podium presented at San Francisco, USA

a meta-analysis on complications of distal-radial fractures in the elderly patients

>> Invited presenter in four Indian national and regional conferences

>> Introduction of globally advanced surgical techniques to rural Punjab, such as:

  • Direct anterior hip replacement, minimally invasive muscle cut sparing approach.
  • Shoulder sports injury treatment through keyhole (arthroscopic) surgery.
  • Complex and revision knee replacement.

Dr. Rajeshwar Singh Sidhu’s commitment to bringing the most advanced orthopaedic surgeries from the Western world to Doraha, Ludhiana, Punjab, for the benefit of local patients at their doorstep is a commendable resolve worthy of this award when he had every opportunity to settle abroad or in a metro city of India. 

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